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Les Madrigueres

The damp area of Les Madrigueres is a 30-hectares littoral space, located in the maritime centre of Sant Salvador in El Vendrell, which encompasses the old riverbed of the Bisbal creek and the adjacent floodable lands, from the railway track to the sea. It is a non-urbanized space in which there are still farming areas derived from old traditional agricultural purposes that are no longer in use.

Originally, the Bisbal creek passed through this space, until the 50s or 60s, when its course was altered towards the south and canalized.

It is a small area, but it has a lot of diverse habitats: sand beaches and dunes, littoral lagoons with reed beds and sugar cane plantations, and Mediterranean thickets and maquis with holm oaks. Two prominent examples of wildlife are the Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrinus), a bird declining in numbers, as well as the remains of “little Neptune grass” (Cymodocea nodosa), a seagrass that is very valuable because of its ability to generate dunes. Additionally, a bunker from the Spanish Civil War can be found near the beach.

In general, it is an area of high environmental and scenic interest, because of its unique nature in a completely urbanized littoral environment, and for its role as an ecological passage between the sea, the fields and the interior mountains.


  • concrete walkways for people with reduced mobility
  • wood walkways in the rest of the entrances to the beach (they do not reach the water so as not to limit the way of the beach-cleaning machinery).
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