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Music all year long

The concert cycles at the Pau Casals Auditorium, the traditional sounds of the Music in the Vila, the organ performances, the concerts at the Vil•la Casals, the two music schools, five choral groups, two groups of gralleros (players of the gralla, a kind of flageolet), two traditional music groups, numerous rock bands, jazz bands, five orchestras and various composers of the typical Catalan dance the sardana, all speak for the traditional musical vitality of a village that knows how to enjoy all types of rhythms.

The town of El Vendrell dedicates all efforts and means possible to guarantee that its inhabitants receive a good musical education, in this way fulfilling the desire of Pau Casals to bring music to the people. The Pau Casals Municipal School of Music is an outstanding example.

Music all year long

  • Christmas Carols, the village streets. Christmas
  • Saint Steven's Day Concert, La Lira. 26 December
  • Pau Casals birthday celebration concert, Parochial church or Auditori Pau Casals. 29 December
  • Cicle de Joves Interprets (The Young Performers Cycle), Auditori Pau Casals. January and February
  • Jazz al Auditori (Jazz at the Auditorium), Auditori Pau Casals. March, April and May
  • "Caramelles", the village streets. Easter Saturday
  • + Músicas Cycle, Auditori Pau Casals. May and June
  • Music week, the village streets. June
  • Saint John Concert, the beach. 23 June
  • Festival Internacional de Música Pau Casals (The Pau Casals International Music Festival), Auditori Pau Casals. July and August
  • Garden Concerts, Museu Déu. July and August
  • English group concerts, Coma-ruga Hostel. July
  • Local Festival concert, Parochial church. 27 July
  • Music in the Village, Plaça Nova. Every Wednesday in August
  • International Folk music day, El Vendrell. 11 September
  • Autumn cycle, Auditori Pau Casals. September-December
  • Saint Cecilia Day Concert Auditori Pau Casals, November

Sardanas in El Vendrell

El Vendrell, Ciutat Pubilla de la Sardana 2002 (El Vendrell, 2002 capital city of the Sardana)
The Sardana meeting takes place on the first Sunday of June.
There are dances on Sundays in July and August on the Rambla (main boulevard).
And Sardana contests during the Saint Theresa fair celebration, held in October.

Music in the village

Since 1988, on every Wednesday in August, traditional music groups from all parts of the Catalan nations get together in the Plaça Nova for a concert called Music in the village, which is now considered a must-attend festival, both due to the quality of the groups and the audience’s enthusiasm.

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